Struggling to choose a flavour? OR perhaps you’re unsure what your guests prefer? OR are you a regular who loves them all! Whatever your case, our assorted cupcake box looks very colourful and pretty. Everyone gets to choose a flavour and you become the hero.

Sponge: Variety

Filling: Variety

Topping: Variety


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2 reviews for Assorted Cupcake Box

  1. Alva

    Looked at numerous reviews to find the best carrot cake in Feltham. I must say this one was excellent! It was moist (and remained so for the limited time we had some left over). The cake was not overly-spiced as some are. No raisins. The cream cheese frosting was out of this world, just the right balance of sugar so that you could still taste the cream cheese. It was close to where I home, so I would go there again to try another one of their cakes.

  2. Austin

    This was my 3rd visit to Cake Owls and after trying other cakes, I landed on this gem! You will not find a better carrot cake in the area I think! This is not a bakery (no breads, etc) or tea shop. It’s all about the cakes and cupcakes. I truly do not have a favorite cupcake

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